Camden County History

Oldest known two-story brick house in NC, ca. 1746.
Camden was settled around 1650 or perhaps even earlier, the first residents drifting down from Virginia and establishing themselves on both sides of the Pasquotank River. The first major settlements developed around four creeks --- Raymond's, Sawyer's, Arenuse, and Joy's. Dense undergrowth and swampy bottomlands made passable roads impossible; therefore, travel was mainly accomplished through the waterways.

When Camden County was still part of Pasquotank County, a ferry was used to cross the Pasquotank River. During the Revolutionary Period, a charter was granted to Lemuel Sawyer, Jr., to operate a ferry from a point near Camden Courthouse, where the river was only about 200 yards wide. This ferry continued to operate until around 1911, when a bridge was constructed across the river.

Since some of the early settlers came from localities in England where watermills were in operation, this method of grinding grain was attempted here. Because the streams were sluggish, the mills were not very efficient. Much more satisfactory were the windmills located on bluffs along the banks of the broad Pasquotank River.

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Civil War In Camden

Camden Courthouse

Old Jail


Abbott House

Shiloh Baptist Church

McBride Church 
ADDITIONAL PHOTOS courtesy the Fred Fearing collection.

Dismal Swamp Canal

Dismal Swamp Canal

Bridge at South Mills - Early 1900s

Camden side - Early 1900s...note raft of logs passing in foreground

Camden Side - Early 1900s

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Camden County History

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Camden County History

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