Hyde County Historical and Genealogical Society

The Hyde County Historical Society was formed in 1963 to preserve and record the history of Hyde County and its people. In May 1991, the name of the society was changed to add "Genealogical" in recognition that much of its work was about the families of this county. The Society is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. Donations to HCH&GS are tax deductible and will be used, if possible, as directed by the donor.

Membership is offered to anyone interested in the history and genealogy of Hyde County and is from 1 January to 31 December. Dues are as follows:
Individual				 $15.00
Family (2 family members)		 $20.00
Family Plus (3 family members)		 $30.00
Individual Lifetime			$250.00

Individual, Family and Lifetime memberships receive one issue each of the Spring and Fall "High Tides," a semi-annual journal of the HCHS. The Family Plus memberships receive two issues each of the same publication. New members may submit names/s and date/s of individuals or families they are researching to be published in a future High Tides. The editors of "High Tides" solicit information pertaining to Hyde County or its people. The contents are determined by the editors who reserve the right to edit all material selected. An effort is made by the editors to include both historical and genealogical information in the journals.

The Society meets in the Spring and Fall of each year in various sections of the county. Members are notified in advance of time and place of the meetings. The society's library contains a broad selection of publications which may be used for research. The library is located in the home of Betty S. Mann in Fairfield.

The following is a list of the Society's publications which are available for sale:

In Memory Of: An Index to Hyde County Cemeteries, includes genealogical
information of over 6,000 people buried in Hyde County, by Rebecca Swindell
and R. S. Spencer, Jr.

Hyde County History Book, a section of each of Hyde Countys five townships,
by various contributors.

Governor Edward Hyde, about NCs first governor, by Rebecca Swindell and
Norman Turner.

Hyde Calls, poetry by former and present Hyde County residents, edited by
Donald R. Richardson.

Hyde Remembers: Historic Bible and Family Records of Hyde County, NC, by R.
S. Spencer, Jr.

In the Name of God, Amen! Abstracts of Hyde County, NC Will Probate
1709-1775, by Ellen A. Williams.

The 1900 Census of Hyde County, NC by Crestena Jennings Oakley.

The 1910 Census of Hyde County, NC by Crestena Jennings Oakley.

Hyde County, NC Record of Deeds A, 1736-1762, abstracted and indexed by
Allen Wilkinson Hart Norris.

The 1850 Census of Hyde County, NC: A Compilation of All Census Schedules
Taken in the Year 1850, abstracted and indexed by Seth D. (Donny) and Sandra
S. Carawan.

Back issues of High Tides are also available as well as other Hyde County history-related publications.

For more information, contact:

Hyde County Historical and Genealogical Society
Route 1 Box 74
Fairfield, NC 27826
Area Code 926-2506
  Hyde County