Local Hotels


For postcard-perfect long weekends, or full week stays that have exceptional access to indoor and outdoor pools, restaurants, and amenities, there's nothing quite like the convenience of a stay at a local hotel or motel. A number of area hotels have been welcoming guests for decades, and as a result, vacationers have come back year after year for the fantastic service and the million-dollar views.

Vacation Rental Homes

Vacation Rentals

Visitors are often surprised at the number and variety of weekly vacation rentals throughout the area.. Vacation rentals are, in fact, an increasingly popular accommodation available to vacationers, and visitors will find that the sheer number of rentals available allows them to find an ideal retreat to fit their crew, from quiet condo complexes to brightly colored oceanfront sand castles.

Elizabeth City, NC

Elizabeth City, located in the northeastern corner of the state and part of the newly famed "Inner Banks," has developed a reputation as an up-and-comer on the North Carolina tourism scene. With a growing cultural and arts center that features museums, theaters, a conference center, and a world of other amenities, eastern North Carolina visitors are taking a second look at this otherwise small town, and are being pleasantly surprised by all the amenities and attractions that this coastal community has to offer.

Edenton, NC

The small town of Edenton may very be one of the first Inner Banks destinations to rise to regional and even national fame as a stunning spot along coastal North Carolina to enjoy a full, historic vacation, just a few short miles away from the Atlantic Ocean-facing beaches. The coastal community is a small town at heart with a deeply rich history and a big personality that is sure to charm anyone looking for a quiet but engaging weekend destination that's relatively close to home.

Columbia, NC

The small town of Columbia, located approximately 45 miles west of the Outer Banks, is a rising star along the central North Carolina coastline. An anchor of the informally named "Inner Banks" region, this small community of less than 1,000 residents is slowly becoming a destination all its own, even landing a feature article in North Carolina's renowned Our State Magazine. The sudden growing interest is due to a number of features, not the least of which are breathtaking scenery, incredible wildlife, and a host of attractions, both old and new, that are ripe for exploring.

Outer Banks, NC

There's a reason why so many aspiring and professional photographers flock to the Outer Banks. Ocean sunrises, sound sunsets, and miles of quiet wildlife in between create some breathtaking landscapes, ideal for photographers, painters, or plain-old vacationers who love an astounding view.

Hertford, NC

Traditional southern hospitality and small-town living is carefully preserved in quiet and undiscovered Hertfort, North Carolina. This prototypical small town has a world of amenities and attractions just waiting to be discovered by curious newcomers who venture off the main highway, including numerous historic sites, a charming downtown, and miles of riverfront water views.